between our steps 04 24 19 doubleThere is a good reason that I was oblivious to the bombings in Sri Lanka until we turned on BBC news the middle of the afternoon on Sunday. I had a sunrise service at Big Bay and another service at 10:30. Before dawn, I got up and read over my notes, made sure I had all the things I needed. I left home at ten to seven.

Right after that time beside still waters, I rushed ...

giraffesBruce Grey Owen Sound Federal Women’s Liberal Club is bringing the film “The Woman Who Loves Giraffes” to Owen Sound Wednesday, April 24th at 7 p.m.

The documentary film tells the story of Anne Innis Dagg, who left her home in Toronto in 1956 at the age of 23 to be the first person in the world to study the behaviour of giraffes in the wilds of South Africa.

pride parade1Owen Sound Pride Parade is back for year two!

This year, on Saturday June 8, residents of Owen Sound, surrounding areas, and across Canada are welcome to once again share in our celebration of love and pride. The pride parade will begin at 11am once again and we are sure that main street will be...

bunnydress- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Day 1 of x days where x = the unknown number of days I will pick up trash.

Inspired by the sun and the Owen Sound Waste Watchers trash pick up, in my Easter bunny dress and rubber boots and with my trusty picker-upper-don't-bend-downer in hand, I walked over to my neighbourhood park.

This park was built for...

DumpsterIn two hours before the rain could return Saturday afternoon, Waste Watcher volunteers had gathered 5,540 pieces of trash, 1,066 cigarette butts and three syringes from Owen Sound's east shoreline. And yes, they counted them.

Styrofoam, broken glass, food wrappers, coffee cups, beverage bottles...

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