Tania with Warden EaglesonThe Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre is proud to be recognizing one of their many dedicated volunteers. Tania Gilchrist has been volunteering behind the scenes at the Museum since 2003; now she has received The Sovereign's Medal for Volunteers for her...

young nats club1Young Naturalist Program is ready for another year!

The first meeting for the club is this Sunday September 23rd, at the GSCA along the Inglis Falls Road, starting at 2PM - with special guest birding guides Lynne Richardson and Norah Toth.

Please arrive early to get...

garlicmustardBy Gary W. Kenny

This summer I've been on a mission. My objective: eliminate from our 96 acre farm and recreational property some of the invasive plant species that grow here. I've been hacking, slashing, cutting, chopping and smothering garlic mustard, goutweed, European buckthorn, European barberry, phragmites, and...

chapter 55There are many chapters in life from childhood through to adulthood, the Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre is prepared for those ready to experience 'Chapter 55, Recreation for Retirees'. Are you 55+ plus and looking for new and interesting recreational...

between-our-steps-09-12-18-doubleLast week, as I read the beginning of the Hebrew scripture, I experienced a dialogue between science and story that I would like to share.

Genesis begins with a description of chaos and ...






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