Saturn- by John Hlynialuk

There is one object over all others, which when seen for the first time in a telescope evokes a mixture of amazement and...

BBFGBruce Botanical Food Gardens has a big mandate on a small acreage in Ripley.
"Our goal is to increase Canada's food plant diversity while addressing the issues of food insecurity, reducing environmental impacts and opening up opportunities to sustain small farm operations.
Come enjoy...

fest4A great kick-off to summer! Thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed the Friends of Mudtown annual Summer Festival at St. George's Hall. 

There was something for...

between-our-steps-06-20-18-doubleI am stuck on the question I asked last week: how is it that some people don't see how desperately we need rain. As I look at fields and work in the garden, as I feel the dryness of the land, I wonder how anyone could ...




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