remembranceEach year the Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre offers a special program to recognize Remembrance Day, the historical moments in time, and the soldiers who have served and continue to serve our Country. ‘A Time to Remember: 100th Anniversary of Armistice’ will be held on...

waitingChristine Calvert is a Peer Crisis Support Worker at GBHS, Owen Sound. This new position at the hospital was created to make a peer available to support adults presenting at the emergency department in crisis who may need some extra emotional support while waiting. The program she works for is...

HTOHIt is going to be a season of change for the Holiday Tour of Homes Committee. This Fall long standing committee member and Chair Rob Dinsmore has passed on this annual Owen Sound tradition to a new and eager committee of volunteers.

The Holiday Tour of Homes has been...

farah- Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Owen Sound's newest business owners are already delighted to be part of their new community. They moved in to live and work in the former Coffee Culture building on 2nd Avenue when their friends moved on to Milton. Farah says “People here greet each other and smile,...




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