Venus- by John Hlynialuk

April's weather has been more snowy then showery, but I am sure this unusual bout of winter will give way to a more normal spring as May approaches. Waiting for us behind those clouds are two of the most beautiful sights in astronomy, the Evening Star, Venus and the most beautiful cluster of stars in the entire sky apart from the Milky Way itself, the Seven Sisters, or the...

yarnsquareIf you are thinking that the knitting and crocheting bee is something of by-gone days, or just for the "older set" you would be quite mistaken. A "Yarn Square Party" on Thursday, April 26 from 6 to 9 at
St. George's Church is open to everyone.
The church has become...

petsFriends of the Grey Bruce Animal Shelter

To continue providing excellent care for the cats and dogs at the shelter, we depend on volunteers to help with the daily chores. These tasks includes things like walking the dogs, cleaning (such as

infantWhen the 2nd annual Baby and Family Show happens this Saturday, the real beneficiaries will be babies too small to attend.  The vendor fees for the event are being donated to the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the Owen Sound site of Grey Bruce Health Services.

The event is for everyone

between-our-steps-04-11-18-doubleI have mixed emotions about the weather these days. Sure, I am tired of white and longing for green, just like everybody else, but I haven't had to blow the snow. I've been able to drive through what fell. And every bit of moisture is good for the land.

Driving on the roads has been ...

ww1We seek your assistance to enhance our new exhibit.

Billy Bishop Home: Museum, Archives & National Historic Site, will be opening a new exhibit: "First and Second World Wars Remembered: Faces of Soldiers" on...






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