thornburyxmas 1Thornbury BIA’s Olde Fashioned Christmas on December 8th has become a tradition.

Stroll through our historic main street and see the beautifully decorated windows and shop interiors; have a delicious meal at one of our outstanding restaurants; discover why Thornbury is known for it’s warm welcome and...

addiction adult female 1467068It is a sad reality that when a person has been hurt, they are more likely to be hurt again. We understand this idea with physical health when old injuries plague athletes but we seldom extend our understanding to emotional wounds. Phrased differently we could say that once a person has felt pain, they are more likely to feel that pain again. Today as we consider the many causes and consequences of violence during the 16 days of activism, we’re going to include addiction and substance use in the conversation.

osfn1-by John Dickson, OSFN

On Sunday November 4th, on a cool but mostly sunny day, and Fred Jazvac felt that it was perhaps the largest turnout (almost 40 birders, including some from the Bruce Birding Club) in his more than ten years of leading Around the Bay with Fred - Waterfowl ID: Tips and Techniques. And, coincidentally, almost 40...

write for rightsPlease join us on Monday, December 10th in the Owen Sound & North Grey Public Library’s boardroom for Amnesty International’s Write for Rights campaign! We will be writing letters from...




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