fiddlefern2Join the Fiddlefern Country Dancers on Saturday, November 3rd, for a fun evening of music and dance. Maureen Keating and Rob Rohr will be providing the live music while Lyn Allan leads us through the dances.

Doors open at 7:15 p.m. Contra basics lesson...

MindfulnessIntuitive Arts GroupCommunity workshops are underway as part of an event series presented by Youth Elevating Youth (YEY) and funded by Supporting Performing Arts in Rural Communities (SPARC). The workshops were designed to provide knowledge and skill building opportunities focused around both personal and community arts and are open to the public at...

daylight savingIn 1867, a man named Geroge Hudson was born in London on Easter Sunday.

You may not know his name, or indeed anything about him, but I promise you that you either loath or love him.

Mr. Hudson was an etymologist and was responsible for the largest collection of ...

digital preservationPull the dusty boxes off the attic shelves to preserve your family's history. Bring us your pictures, letters, diaries, newspaper clippings, posters, military documents or any other record related to the First and Second World Wars and we will create a digital image for you. We're interested in the experience of both men and women who served during these wars either on...




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