transition townMembers of the newly formed Owen Sound Area Transition Town (OSATT) are inviting community members to join them at The Bleeding Carrot on April 19th at 7:00 PM for a "short film and discussion" about local actions we can take against climate change. The group's facebook...

between-our-steps 04-12-17-doubleFor a few weeks, geese have been alternating between flying north and sliding back south. Along with a few wandering ducks, they've floated on open water. They were driven to find another resting place when ice formed.

In early March, redwinged blackbirds were ...

GCHSThe Grey County Historical Society (GCHS) will host its 50th annual dinner at the Meaford Hall Arts & Cultural Centre on Wednesday, May 17, 2017. Along with the dinner, GCHS is sponsoring a variety show on stage that features four county...

soundcontractorboys-James Moyse and Dylan Johnson

How's business? Lately people have been asking "What made you start a business in Owen Sound?" So many believe it's an intimidating endeavour. It's true that so many small businesses have opened and abruptly closed in recent years here. It really is quite sad because Owen Sound is a small city that was practically built on small businesses.

If you grew up here you might know...




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