mentormashThe Henry Bernick Entrepreneurship Centre and the Bluewater Angels invite you to join us at Mentor Mash April 25 at Heartwood Hall. This speed-dating style evening from 6 to 9 will ensure that you are networking and meeting with the right...

teethBrush Up on the Facts: Keep Kids' Teeth Healthy is the message for April and Oral Health Month. Geared to parents, the campaign stresses the importance of dental health on kids' overall healthy growth and development and lets parents know that free dental care is available to eligible children and youth...

1aurora named Steve- by John Hlynialuk

A new type of auroral feature (which is not actually auroral in nature) has been discovered and it goes by the initials "S.T.E.V.E" standing for Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement. Although a lot of times, astronomers lack imagination, like when they named the largest red stars "Red Giants" or a dark band of dust in a globular cluster, the "Dark Doodad Nebula", they made up for it with STEVE. I think it is a great name.

The story of STEVE starts less than 2 years ago, when a group of...

sunrise-3271140 640- by Gary Kenny

Before I embark on a circuit of the farm to clean out all the bird houses for the approaching nesting season, I offer this brief reflection on Easter. As some of you know, I recently returned from three weeks in East Jerusalem where I did some work with a Palestinian relief and development organization that supports...

fiddleferndanceExperience the energy of a live band - enjoy a fun and sneaky way to exercise (those dance steps add up!) - get a good cardio workout and build up your core strength ... you might even find yourself smiling! It's a community dance, so...

nakdgirls- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

When a new NakdBasics store opens in Collingwood this spring, it will be yet another shoot of a business planted in Owen Sound.

Charlee Roy's NakdBasics business was first developed through the Summer Company, a provincial incubator program for students run locally through the Business Enterprise Centre. Her goal was






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