drink2Want to lower your risk of cancer? Drink less alcohol.

As you toasted in the New Year, what was in your glass matters. When it comes to alcohol, the more a person drinks, the higher the risk of cancer. Drinking less can lower your risk of colorectal, breast and liver cancers as well as head and neck cancers. In 2010, Cancer Care Ontario estimated alcohol...

pig-by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

OwenSoundHub is sharing a series of stories from local people who make minimum wage. Several have asked us not to include their names and we have agreed.  Not only could there be repercussions from landlords or employers, but recent conversations on social media have confirmed that the stigma and judgement of poverty remains firmly in place.

"$11.60 was not liveable.

As a single mother working for that we (that's only two of us - I can not imagine a mother of more children...

Developing Our Lives8 weeks, 7 cameras, 7 individuals with dementia, 6 care partners and 2,180 photographs. With funding from the New Horizons for Seniors Grant the Alzheimer Society of Grey-Bruce was able to create a new photography program for people with dementia and their...

between-our-steps-01-03-18-doubleWhile people talk about the teachings that Jesus provided, what we see in the stories about him is how often he asked questions.

With his followers, Jesus almost always walked. They had time on the road to think, to chat, to listen. After one journey across Galilee, he asked them, "What were you talking about on the road?"

Consider what we think about on our travels. On a long car ride, what do we ...




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