between our steps 01 16 19 doubleThe windows of the main room in our house look east across the water. This means we can watch the sun come up and check the signs for how the day's weather will go.

Monday morning, a line of dark blue-grey clouds moved over Coffin Hill and out over ...

quit smokingMore young adults smoke in this province compared to all other age groups and they overwhelmingly say that they want to quit. The best way to do that? Use evidence-based quit aids and get into a program specifically tailored for young...

woman walkOn Saturday January 19th, a grass roots collective of Grey Bruce women will start a conversation about women’s health, and they want you to be there. Recent changes in policies impacting women’s health have sparked conversations and concerns...

valiantOriginally published on page "twenty-two" of  the first West Hill Secondary School year book.

Driver Training at West Hill is an extra-curricular subject for forty-six willing pupils. Under the direction of Mr. W.R. Walker, the twenty-five hours of class-room instruction, including psycho-physical tests,...

artists3Originally published in The Owen Sound Sun-Times, Tuesday, November 15, 1960, page 11.

A large mural on an outside wall immediately to the right of the entrance adds considerably to the exterior appearance of the new West Hill Secondary School. Painted in bright colours, the mural has a baked enamel finish. It is the work of Mr. and Mrs. Karl Rix of...

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