highschoolSecondary schools in Bluewater District School Board are kicking off 2018 by extending an early invitation to students who will soon be entering Grade 9 for the first time. Information nights are being held for current Grade 7 and 8 students and their parents to learn about the wide variety of available programs and...

between-our-steps-01-10-18-doubleOver the years on the farm, I have learned that if something gets jammed, it can be un-jammed. When things break, they can be fixed.

For example, we jammed the hay baler badly just before finishing first cut. Once the jam was cleared, the machine still wouldn't pick up properly. Closer examination showed that a pick-up rod was out of place. We could see that a bushing had broken and would have to be replaced. But how we would ...

skate1OSDSS International students take their first step on home ice!

Thank you to the Julie McArthur Regional Recreation Centre for allowing the students of Owen Sound District Secondary School to visit for their fun winter skate.

Within the group were some nervously excited new residents of...

lunar- by John Hlynialuk

At the risk of adding to the "super Moon" hype, allow me to point out that both full Moons in January are "super". The Jan 1 full Moon is more super than the full Moon at month-end by a mere 2 429 km, but the full Moon on Jan 31 is also a so-called "blue" Moon. Adding to the hype, the Moon is supposed to turn "blood red" during a lunar eclipse that...




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