womensmarchBefore sixty-five women and men began a series of conversations and a community March for Women's Health last Saturday, organizer Kaitlyn Neath welcomed the participants with the following words.

“Migwetch, thank you all for being here today in support of the global women's march. I know we've been gathered. . .

try trades 2On Tuesday January 15, The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) sponsored a Young Women Try the Trades Night at Owen Sound District Secondary School (OSDSS). Young Women from OSDSS and surrounding elementary schools were able to try their hand at the various technology labs in the...

mill pond Cormorants SydenhamThe Friends of the Sydenham are still concerned about three other aspects of the river’s ecology: the increasing proliferation of algae every summer; the growth of sand bars on the east...

Mill Pond summer18Friends of the Sydenham, an informal group of Owen Sounders who live near the Mill Pond south of the mill dam, received a briefing this past week from the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks on the quality of the river’s...

beachphone - by Ken Dow

I’ve just settled into a table at the Frog Pond cafe when I hear it: the familiar warble of a text arriving. Is it me? I check my phone, as do several others nearby, but it turns out to be a bearded guy two tables over. Welcome to the age of...

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