Typical socksA message from United Way Bruce Grey - "We've just had a call from one of our community partners...there is a desperate need for NEW socks and other warm articles of clothing - scarves, hats mitts.

If you can contribute - one pair, three pairs, nine  pairs  - no number of socks is...

homeThe United Way of Bruce Grey and the Grey Bruce Welcoming Communities Committee are thrilled to announce an investment of $161,576 from the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration in funding "Making Grey Bruce Home"

Join us for a welcome meet and greet 11:30 am Friday February 9th at the...

tech- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Mike Comello found this area by chance, but he stayed for the love of it. Now the founder of the Grey Bruce Technology Network (GBTN) is showing others in the tech field that they too can make the move to Grey-Bruce.

Comello always had a plan to lure his wife to life on the Sound. She was working for the University of Guelph, and for a year they lived in Fergus during the week, but after spending two maternity leaves here full-time, Owen Sound has become the family's home. Comello, a graduate in electrical engineering from the University of Waterloo, spent...

between-our-steps-02-07-18-doubleSmall flakes of snow blew horizonal all weekend. Eventually, gravity pulled them to the ground, building up a blanket of white. Yellow lines on the road disappeared. Bare ground was covered. Dirty banks of snow became pristine white. New drifts formed beside the house. The spruce trees are weighed down...

moneyCommunity Foundation Grey Bruce invites charities and nonprofit organizations to apply for grants to support projects that benefit people and communities in Grey and Bruce Counties.

Charities and nonprofit organizations may access the new online application form and criteria at the...

orion- by John Hlynialuk

Next to the Big Bang that started the whole shebang, the most energetic event in the universe is a stellar explosion called a supernova. The most colossal of the several types of supernovas involve giant stars, so the explosion (a Type II supernova) is even more awesome than it might be otherwise. The amount of energy released is totally unimaginable, -in a month or so the...






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