Patrick Brown

- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Before we proceed to the upcoming leadership contest for the Ontario PC party and the subsequent provincial election, let us deal with two quotes about Patrick Brown's departure.


"I've instructed my attorneys to ensure these allegations are addressed where they should be, in the court of law." - Patrick Brown

That means, I suppose,

Patrick Brown- by Ryan McGreal

Last Wednesday, a bombshell report from CTV News documented serious sexual misconduct allegations against Patrick Brown, who was the leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party.

Brown tearfully denied...

newcityhall- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

We are in a double election year, and while all the air has been sucked out of the room by the PC leadership upheaval and the creation of ever more insulting nicknames for the sitting Premier, locally we are preparing for a civilized municipal campaign.

In 2014, many candidates' campaigns were predicated on a perception that no progress could be made because the council was very divided, and new, untainted leadership was required. Twenty-four candidates ran in Owen Sound;...

rainbowhands- Meghan Lipka

I want to challenge all the parents of young children out there. Stop teaching your children that things are gender specific.
My kids have always been taught that everything is for everyone. When they sleep over at their grandma's, they like when she paints their nails. Well my 5 year old decided that he wanted to keep it on for school. Each nail was a...




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