BruceTrail- by Dave Moule

Hikers! I know that most of you are nice, considerate people, but there are a few among you who either cannot read signs, or else you read them and then deliberately ignore them. I'm speaking in particular about signs that designate certain trails for specific uses. In the Caledon Hills section, I maintain a network of cross-country ski trails, which are complementary to the Bruce Trail and its official side trails. Hikers and snow-shoers are still permitted to walk on the Bruce Trail and the Hockleycrest Side Trail, but they are asked....

librarytables- by Steve Brockhouse,

on behalf of the Concerned Library Users in the former Sydenham Township

We would like to thank Mayor Clumpus for taking the time to visit with us in a private home where we could have an exchange of ideas and views in a less stressful environment that at a Town Council Meeting.

We support the Mayor's ....

carnegie- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

On October 10, 1855, 102 citizens signed a charter "to establish a Mechanics' Institute and Library Association at the Town of Sydenham (which officially became Owen Sound in 1857), in the County of Grey, under the name of "The Owen Sound Mechanics' Institute".  That reading room and library was paid for by annual subscriptions of the members.  In 1904, the Carnegie Foundation provided funds for a Free Public Library building in Owen Sound, but the City Council would take eight years to approve its construction, so loathe were they to make the political commitment to maintaining it.

We find ourselves in a similar political stalemate today....

cuba- by Bill Monahan

A response to a comment on this article.

There were two main exoduses from Cuba. The first happened in the 1960's, not long after the revolution and it consisted of Catholic families sending their unaccompanied children to Florida so that they could be raised in Catholicism. They were aided by Catholics in Florida. They were afraid of Communism outlawing Catholicism. And although the post-revolutionary state did outlaw the organized church, they did not...




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