payday-David McLaren

On the face of it, the jobs report for our region looks pretty good. Unemployment is down two points from this time last year, an additional 3200 jobs compared to August of this year, and more people optimistic enough to be looking for work.

It's when you drill down that the cracks in the economy appear: all of the new jobs are in the...

paisley-centralPaisley, Ontario is slated to lose its only school in June 2018.
Placed under Accommodation Review by the Bluewater District School Board (BWSDB) in a 4-3 vote, the rural community has very little time to prepare to ...

telephone- by Dieter Heinrich

Anyone who listened in on Larry Miller's tele-forum Tuesday evening, Sept. 27, was treated to a Miller kiss fest and a merry orgy of misinformation. Larry got what he wanted. Sure enough, one hundred percent of his constituents were opposed to proportional...

kaarids- by Anne Käärid

This was an unpublished letter to the editor of the local newspaper. Have things changed since it was first written in September 2012? 

At the end you can read what Anne's children have been doing since they left this "village".


Tonight was the night of the annual Grade 9 BBQ at our high school. This is a free gathering offered to the families that have a student coming into high school for the first time. This gives them a chance to feel part of the school community, get to know the teachers, and to meet other families and students. The numbers were definitely down from previous years, but a good handful of parents and students did come out. The School's Community Council (which I am part of), traditionally holds their first meeting on this evening. This allows new parents to have the opportunity....




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