westgreyclimatewarriorsTwo of them could just be seen above the podium, but the voices of the young women who made the case for a climate change emergency resolution at West Grey Council on July 30 were strong, and their message was clear. The text of their comments is here:

wavingwoman- by Hannah Nicholls-Harrison

This may be goodbye. While I am not deleting facebook entirely, I am taking steps in that direction. I have severely limited my privacy and will be slowly deleting my data footprint (photos, videos, check-ins, etc.). I will also be reducing my ...

nolongercensored- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

This article is going to be disturbing. It has hateful content. Be forewarned.

After the discovery last week of stickers in our city promoting white supremacy and racist hate groups, and the vandalism at our...

handcircle- by Aly Boltman

Last weekend, I got copied on an email from Josh Richardson, who had sent members of the Emancipation Festival Board and volunteers (like me) pictures of the neo-Nazi stickers he and his family had just spent hours tearing down after finding them on a morning walk by the river.




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