peanuts- by Laura Webster Crawford

if you believe that our current system of business is a free market, you have obviously missed the most recent collusion scandal over bread pricing the last 10 years. Good for a slap on the wrist to companies and a $25 grocery card offer to the overcharged customer. Government won't fine and charge business or industry and make it stick. CEOs don't go to jail for price rigging or....

appreciatebusiness- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Just before the new year brought its changes to the minimum wage and other costs of doing business, someone posted a sign reporting to be from the management of a Simcoe-area location of a huge multi-national pizza chain. It reflected some of the sentiments of a notice in a local Owen Sound restaurant about price increases, which the owners referred to as a "political statement". 

The comments on social media flew thick and fast, some in agreement with the management and some critical. Much....

paperclips- by Mini Jacques

I've had several employers tell me that it's going to be a hardship to pay their employees the new wage. As a marketing professional who has clients who are small business owners I tell my clients they should consider two options : 1) take one month and live on the wage that they are paying their employees currently – and see if that was a living wage 2) To take a real hard look at...

sistersI have read and heard so many opinions against the minimum wage increase and finally felt a need to give my own opinion.
As many of you know, I have operated my small Boutique, SISTERS on HURON, for 15 years . Before this time, I supported myself for all of my career on a basic Retail salary. Several of those years as a single income person. I was...




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