rolfharris- by Anne Finlay-Stewart

One of the ways we give people status in our culture is by quoting their words.  I was disconcerted when a local columnist, published in various Post Media papers, gave ink to the name of a former entertainer who is a convicted multiple child sex offender.

Mr. Merriam is a free-lance writer and former editor of the Sun Times in Owen Sound . Merriam often holds people to account in his columns, and he doesn't pull his punches - "crappy ways in which governments serve Canadians", "Wynne has brought democratic debate to a new low", "shameful missteps" etc. His target is often the Bluewater District School Board, as he presents as a...

silence- by Anne Fnlay-Stewart, Editor

"I often wonder how many other women had complaints against him and have kept silent."

This closing line in a letter to OwenSoundHub is haunting. The writer has carried this worry for decades. The Harvey Weinstein/# MeToo just brought it all right back up to the surface.

We have all read the accusations. And we have all read the social media posts about the "accusers". "Why would she come forward now? Why would she want to ruin – (pick one)...

economic development- by James Scongack

It was an eventful first year for the Bruce Power and County of Bruce's Economic Development and Innovation Initiative.

The initiative, which has a goal of attracting nuclear suppliers and other industries to Bruce, Grey and Huron counties, saw 11 suppliers re-locate or commit to opening facilities in the region this past year. This includes Kinectrics, which committed...

strathconagraffitiAt the City's roundtable discussion precipitated by the concerns of the Neighbours Against Drugs and Crime Action Group (NADCAG), the condition of the former Strathcona School building on 4th Avenue East was raised. The school gym is still being used as a private facility, but both the fire and police departments have stopped using the building for training purposes. Concerns about mold were part of that decision, according to an Owen Sound Police Services' spokesperson. Graffiti and dark corners worry neighbours.

Recent reports that plans will be coming to Council in 2018 for renovating the building into housing have been received positively in...




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