metoo 2859980 1280By Cheryl Grant Although the “me too” movement was started approximately 13 years ago (2006) by Tarana Burke, a sexual harassment survivor, the movement went viral after Alissa Milano suggested the #metoo for social media to show the magnitude of the issue in 2017. Looking back over the last few years, it is interesting to see how this movement has influenced our society.

temperaturebuffer- by Thorsten Arnold

Owen Sound is not in a climate crisis. The rest of the world may be - but the middle of the Great Lakes happens to be the most resilient, best protected place on Earth. So many regions are experiencing a crisis while in our neck of the woods, things remain mostly "normal". That's what happens if you sit in the middle of. . .

man holding hands with baby while walking through pathway 691047By Jon Farmer
The 16 Days of Activism are a movement to raise awareness about – and ultimately to end – gender based violence. It is an important and worthy goal. It is also a goal that we cannot achieve without the engagement and support of boys and men for the simple fact that men perpetrate the majority of violence. Before I go further, let me clarify that this does not mean that the...

newclub- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Twenty-three years ago – October 1996 – the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario was in Owen Sound to attend the opening ceremonies of the Owen Sound Boys and Girls Club. Does anyone remember it?

Just one of the many reasons I am grateful to Warren Elder for the loan of his collection of every issue of the Owen Sound Tribune is. . .




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