headshot twoBy Jon Farmer
I’ve been thinking a lot about traditions since the birth of our son in December. Traditions can bring comfort and meaning to our lives. They make magic, create anticipation, and spark joy as well as help to structure connections and make gatherings predictable. My son is still working on his list of firsts and he is helping me realize that every first has the potential to be the start of a tradition.

markovsblanketThe Interference Ensemble is showing new work at the Fabulous Festival of Fringe Film next week, Saturday, July 16, 2022. We have a performance and an installation called Markov’s Blanket.

"Early in the pandemic lockdown the Ensemble created Lying Fallow, an online, virtual video performance...

AvianConfessionalWiretone Records is pleased to announce the second single release, Avian Confessional from Stephen Woeller's upcoming album woe11er: try it up here. It's a love song about an exotic bird who's blown off course and finds ...

SandcastleThis July, teens from Sandcastle Theatre’s performance group will finally be taking their original show, Under Pressure, to the Toronto Fringe Festival.

Written and directed by Stephanie Fowler in collaboration with the teen cast, Under Pressure follows a group of high school students who ...

noonhourconcertAfter a 2-year hiatus the Noon Hour Series is back and celebrates twenty-seven years of music in the summer. Featuring nine concerts of favourite local musicians and renowned special guests, the series is again held Wednesdays at 12:00pm. All concerts are at ...


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