poemsinresponsetoperil- by Richard-Yves Sitoski

We need someone (preferably, but not necessarily) local to southwestern Ontario to help with a charity project - short-term - FOR PAY.

Penn Kemp and I edited Poems in Response to Peril, an anthology bringing together 48 of our most celebrated poets in support of Ukraine.

southern rockRemember the days when Southern Rock music ruled the airwaves? Soaring twin guitars, exceptional vocals, timeless anthems.

The Cooper Brothers will be performing a BRAND NEW show entitled the Southern Rock Revue at Meaford Hall in Meaford...

sweetwater2The SweetWater Music Festival kicks off its 19th year with a free, online music event, Up Close & Personal with Edwin Huizinga and Philip Chiu: The Sequel. This digital concert premieres on Friday, April 22 at 7:30 p.m. The violinist and pianist follow-up on their successful 2021 digital concert from last May. This time it offers a few new twists including some fun...

TheRamblers HollywoodShortsLive entertainment is back at the Royal Canadian Legion, Owen Sound, Branch 6. Jam sessions have started on the third Thursday of each month on a ...


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