guitarThe International Songwriting Competition (ISC) is proud to announce its 2021 panel of judges that includes iconic artists Coldplay, Hozier, George Thorogood, Bebe Rexha, Tom Waits, Christian Scott, Linkin Park, Jeremiah Fraites (The Lumineers), Trevor Daniels, Metro ...

ObservingKanadaDay2021- by Allison Billings

Update ~ $635 of our $900 goal raised!
Couple of things I wanted to add some clarity around ~

1. Purchasing “Observing Kanada Day 2021” from its artist Elaine Doy ensures that Elaine is compensated for the work and ...

ObservingKanadaDay2021- by Allison Billings

There is another opportunity for art lovers to collaborate and support a local artist illuminating a social issue, moving a piece of art from privately owned object to publicly supported activism.

This time it’s Elaine Doy’s “Observing Kanada Day 2021”

ObservingKanadaDay2021Owen Sound artist Elaine Doy:

"This is how I viewed the July 1st holiday this year. I felt dismay over the sometimes ridiculous notions of our leaders. I felt frustration at the lack of understanding of the fear and pollution caused by fireworks. Most of all, I felt sadness


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