lookup-regLook up Theatre presents an afternoon of entertainment when it brings The Roxy Theatre alive with a performance of Insect Circus, followed by the documentary film Every Story has a Twist about the life and times of Look Up's artistic director Angola Murdoch.
The Insect Circus is a creepy-crawly audience delight starring bugs, bees, spiders and more. Be amazed as you watch a caterpillar emerge from its suspended cocoon and flies swarm the spectators, in a most pleasant way.

roots-gallery-regThese presentations explore themes and issues brought to light by our current exhibitions. This summer, local artists and their families discuss how they balance their "day-jobs" and domestic responsibilities with their art practice. Always free, and always intriguing.

On Sunday August 24 at 2pm, join us at the TOM for our last talk in this series with guest speakers Joan and Steve Irvine.

Paisley-regOur River and Blues Festival in June pairs live Blues music with Paisley's Voyageur Canoe weekend. This gives the surrounding community an opportunity to watch, learn about, and even paddle on of these giant canoes. Truly Canadian Icons born out of the fur trading era! Our River and Blues Festival 2014 featured great live music from The MacKenzie Blues Band, Morgan Davis, Cheryl Lescom, Tim Woodcock, The Riverside Blues Band, and more!


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