by Kelly Babcock

Come, celebrate, and say Goodbye to the Old Courthouse. On Sunday, June 21st, from 11AM to 4PM, some of the studios will be open with art, books, and art supplies for sale. Take a look inside this grand old building, perhaps for the last time! Patti Waterfield and Heather Murray are organizing this event and at present the plan also includes having a few musicians on hand to offer some ambiance and entertainment.

The old Owen Sound court house has had a storied past. The one time Grey County building has housed Police headquarters, and been home to both the local Arts Council and the Georgian Bay Folk Society. It has also been studios for various artists.

But all that is coming to an end. The city has sold the building along with the jail behind and the accompanying grounds, to Southbridge Healthcare. The company's plans are for a new long-term care facility, seniors services and administrative offices.

Many Owen Sound residents had prided themselves on managing to conduct their affairs above the law and thereby keep themselves out of the old Court and former city jail. Now it seems there is a chance they may only have...

krueger-featby Kelly Babcock

Last night, after the sun set on another full weekend in this very entertaining city, the Krueger moon rose over the Legion and the gypsies of this town, who travel from place to place looking for entertainment, got what they had come looking for.
Bryan Leckie's new, innovative and very expressive band poured out their repertoire of Leckie originals and the audience drank deeply.
Parts of the show were tight and polished, other parts were loose and spontaneous and a few moments might have been regrettable, but the band was clearly not prepared to regret anything and the audience appreciated that as well.
The music was lively and humourous. The lyrics were original and never cliché, and in the places where lines were borrowed from other works, they were ...

coming-right-up-featby Kelly Babcock

Thursday, June 11th at 4pm (Before the PanAm Torch Ceremony) At the Harry Lumley Bayshore Community Centre

1900 3rd Ave E, Owen Sound, in the Sound Room, you are Invited to view the film the "FRONTRUNNERS: NIIGAANIBATOWAAD" This is a A FREE Event. ***"THIS IS NOT A FILM FOR CHILDREN"***
In 1967 ten First Nation boys, all good runners and students, ran 800 km with the Pan Am Games torch from St. Paul, Minnesota to Winnipeg only to be denied the right to carry the torch into the stadium. That "honour" was given to a white runner. In 1999 Winnipeg hosted the Pan Am Games again, realized what had happened, tracked down the original runners, apologized and 32-years later, the runners finished the journey they had begun.
FrontRunners: Niigaanibatowaad is the story of those runners from residential school. It is a story that revisits ...

gbsyo-regby Kelly Babcock

On Monday, June 1st, the Georgian Bay Symphony Youth Orchestra performed their annual year-end performance to a house of appreciative souls who were treated to the efforts of this earnest young ensemble. Under the guidance of Music Director and Conductor Richard Mascal, the youth orchestra acquitted themselves nobly, showing both their potential and their achievements thus far.
Guest vocalist Sylvie Annette Kindree accompanied the GBSYO during one memorable segment, and sang three Gershwin songs. While I never saw any tears actually being shed there were eyes being wiped at the poignance of their combined rendition of "Someone To Watch Over Me." I know this to be true as my eyes were among those needing attention.


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