On Thursday, April 16th the Tom Thomson Art Gallery (The TOM) will hold a public and member consultation meeting to present the "Case for Incorporation and Expansion" including a proposed Business Plan 2015-2020 that supports an expanded community visual arts centre.
The meeting will take place at the Bayshore Centre from 5pm to 6:30pm. The public and TOM members are welcome to attend.
Since September 2014, when the Gallery received agreement in principle from Council to incorporate as a separate not-for-profit corporation, it has consulted extensively with its members, the public and the Council.
The Case for Incorporation assesses the TOM's capacity to generate new revenues to support the operation and construction of a new, larger facility and in turn its economic impact. It examines potential philanthropic support from foundations, sponsorships by corporations and individuals, and self-generated earnings from all the Gallery's programmes.
The Case also sets out the Capital Campaign and recommends our preferred site, the Courthouse and Jail complex as the most desirable expansion location. [More on this from The Hub, Feb 2015] Other issues that are addressed include conditions for the transfer of the collection, a proposed governance structure, transferring employee benefits and a series of recommendations to Council.

source: media release and Hub archives


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