Grouping of SevenSupport Your Artists, Support Your Gallery. The Tom Thomson Art Gallery announces A Grouping of Seven Fundraising Auction. A Grouping of Seven is a curated selection of works by seven artists in our region. Funds raised through this initiative will support the Gallery and the artists by providing them with 60% of the auction proceeds as well as promoting public insight into their practice.

The regional artists featured in A Grouping of Seven are Becky Comber, Alan Glicksman, Emily Kewageshig, Tony Miller, Kristine Moran, Janice Toulouse, and Willy Waterton. The online auction will feature two works by each artist – one at a lower price to encourage new and young collectors, and one at a higher value. The artworks will be available to view in person at the Gallery by appointment only.

"This is a fantastic opportunity to add original art to your home while supporting local artists and the Tom Thomson Art Gallery," says Mayor Ian Boddy.

The online auction will take place from November 7 – 20, 2020.

"Art has always existed very much in the present moment and this selection of artists and artworks are important narrations of this unprecedented time in our history. It’s a rare chance to add a piece of this unfolding history to your art collections or for new collectors to purchase their first work. We hope you will support the artists who make this region strong, help care for your public art gallery as we move through these challenging times, and most of all, find your spirit captured by one of these compelling artworks," says Aidan Ware Director and Chief Curator, Tom Thomson Art Gallery.

For more information on A Grouping of Seven please visit the Gallery’s website

source: media release, Tom Thomson Art Gallery


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