As others carry on their busy day,
some gather wearing somber blue and gray.

Amass in milling camaraderie,
then marshalled into form and dignity.

The bass begins to boom the stately pace
and colours rise with quiet pride and grace.

A sea of swinging kilts the tartans blaze,
then stirring melodies the pipe band plays.

Majestic flags and banners swirl and fly
and soon the noble cenotaph is nigh.

Still the baton and marchers, halt parade.
The mournful notes of bagpipes slowly fade.

The dignitaries speak and Padres pray,
then forth do many come, a wreath to lay.

Anthems are proudly sung, and solemn hymn.
In many eyes the tears do nearly brim.

The bugle plays Last Post and silence falls.
Each heart hears The Lament, then Reveille calls.

The torch held high, and ceremony played,
we take our leave, our homage once more paid.

- by Lyn Carlson



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