sparkin artNever underestimate the power of a spark.

Isolation is hard. It’s hard to meet new people. It’s hard to connect and collaborate. And it’s hard to find a sense of community. Sparkin’ Art can change all of that.

In January, Sheatre invites youth aged 14-25 to get their creative fires started and blazing with our first term of Sparkin’ Art! Grey Bruce needs new innovators to stay connected with social change, to keep our community spirit thriving, to preserve our artistic spaces and fill them with vibrant expressions of our stories.

Through a series of online workshops facilitated by professional multidisciplinary artists Kit Boulter, Warren Bain, Lauren Best and others, we are inviting creative youth to join our new digital art studio to work and play with theatre, music, and dance. We’ll host the space for youth to learn skills, share ideas, build and refine visions, and present Grey Bruce with their creations.

We’ve partnered with local and mobile studios for participants to interact and record content online and we’ll encourage all collaborators to challenge the way they interact with their physical and digital worlds. Bring your songs, your poems, your visions and stories, and feed the need to create with others; together, apart.

Isolation does not have to mean burnout. Follow the impulse and find your spark!

Interested? Got questions? Great!

We’re registering participants and seeking youth advisors for the Sparkin’ Art project today! Our workshops begin January 16th 2021,the cost is free for registered participants and the deadline to register is January 9th 2021. Contact Kit Boulter (they/them) at [email protected] to connect.

source: media release, Sheatre


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