By Kelly Babcock

Owen Sound welcomes its newest member to our musical community, Paige Warner has taken a leap of faith and moved to our own little city of sound.

The Bruce Grey area is no stranger to music, and good music is the kind we all love. And we are all well aware of the eclectic variety of music available here, from folk through rock and blues to celtic and rap and even hip hop and beat box ... and any number of sub genres. We are wealthy.

But that doesn't mean there isn't room for more.

And Paige is more. She has played Kitchener's Summer Lights Fest and our own Summerfolk and was the winner of the Summerfolk Youth Discoveries in 2015. Additionally she was a finalist on The Shot in 2019.

Paige has spent time in the Grey County area as both her parents grew up her. They've recently moved home and after visiting a few times Paige decided this was the place she needed to be.

In Paige's own words, "It was family that drew me, but a lot that has kept me here."

"Maybe when I waas about thirteen or fourteen I decided that this is something I want to do for the rest of my life if I can."

Of Summerfolks Youth Discoveries Paige Warner had this to say, "That was an amazing experience, honestly I didn't have much performing under my belt so [...] it still is mind blowing that we were given that opportunity, it was so fun."

Paige's most recent single, Liquor, which dropped today is a sad song that was inspired by thinking about the experience of abuse in relationships, whether physical or emotional. She wanted to write the song so that people who had been through that could relate to it and say, yeah, that's me, that's how I feel.

Liquor, the song, coincidentally is available as of today at these links:


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