- by Allison Billings

Update ~ $635 of our $900 goal raised!
Couple of things I wanted to add some clarity around ~

1. Purchasing “Observing Kanada Day 2021” from its artist Elaine Doy ensures that Elaine is compensated for the work and it need not be for sale anymore. This in turn secures a public future for the piece, whatever that may be, which will also always be first and foremost up to Elaine.

2. Our small group of private donors has absolutely NO right to make any presumption about the decisions of the TOM curatorial team. We also have zero right to “demand” that they accept it….what a terrible precedent that would be! That a very small group of people could use money to insist that a piece of art become part of a public institution.

3. What we can do is offer the piece, once it is purchased. And be respectful that even the offer of it may bring tension to staff roles in a city funded institution guided by an advisory council of city representatives.

4. What we can further do is support public viewing of the piece, once it is purchased. I have reached out to a few educators who could have the piece “visit”, as a focus for conversations about art as activism, residential schools and settler accountability. The piece could also be loaned for display to any aligned organization/business that wanted to host it.

5. September 30 is Orange Shirt Day. The piece could become a “seed” to creating an installation/exhibition/event that coincides.
But the work must be purchased first…thank you to everyone who has donated so far! I believe there are a few more intended donations forthcoming that put us less than $300 away from the purchase price, which is amazing.

This is an all or nothing initiative and a bit of a time restricted one as well. Elaine has had enquires about private purchase of the work and it would be unfair to ask her to keep it NFS for too long, if our goal is not feasible.
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