krueger-fullby Kelly Babcock

Last night, after the sun set on another full weekend in this very entertaining city, the Krueger moon rose over the Legion and the gypsies of this town, who travel from place to place looking for entertainment, got what they had come looking for.
Bryon Leckie's new, innovative and very expressive band poured out their repertoire of Leckie originals and the audience drank deeply.
Parts of the show were tight and polished, other parts were loose and spontaneous and a few moments might have been regrettable, but the band was clearly not prepared to regret anything and the audience appreciated that as well.
krueger2The music was lively and humourous. The lyrics were original and never cliché, and in the places where lines were borrowed from other works, they were borrowed blatantly and respectfully and flatteringly.
Sound, provided by Nick Liefl of Halen Sound + Recording was excellent, and the organization of the show was well done. Doug Cleverley was a responsive host as always, taking care of details no one else thinks of and still being available to see things run smoothly.
The long and short of it is, if you ever find yourself in a night devoid of the light of entertainment, look for the Krueger moon.
And don't forget the Harbour Nights Concert Series that this show launched. Sunday summer nights at 7:00PM at the Marine Rail Museum are the best way for a music lover to end a weekend. And music is one thing this town does well.


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