DesboroMusicHallcaptionWe had the Grand Opening of the Desboro Music Hall this past weekend. There were many other events happening that night so we were thankful for the wonderful, supportive crowd we had. Thank-you to everyone who came out to the show. (For those who couldn't make it, there are plenty other shows for you to choose from...check out our website to find out more)

Rob Elder, Drew McIvor, Larry Jensen and Pete Devlin put on a great show. Rob opened the show with his amazing vocals soaring throughout the hall. Drew really engaged the crowd with his catchy music, getting them to sing-a-long and laugh. Larry and Pete created a killer combo of lyrics and guitar mastery. And because they're all such talented musicians they were able to join in on each other's songs. It's the kind of improvised jamming that creates a magical experience that can't be reproduced. The audience was captivated and rewarded the performers with a standing ovation after the Grand Finale where all four of them performed together.

We are proud of the opportunity to showcase quality music from this area. Thank-you to all of our crew and thank-you to the community for your continued support. Please join us for our next show on Saturday May 14 featuring Juno-nominated Oh Susanna with Our Shotgun Wedding opening for her.

Tickets are $25 (including H.S.T) Tickets are available at our Box Office Hours on Saturdays 9am – 12pm, by phoning/texting Joe Klages at (519) 377-2358 or on our website


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