FFTH LogoSheatre is hiring Regional Trainers and facilitators for its fall 2016 tour of the award-winning forum theatre production 'Far From the Heart'.

Sheatre is an arts for change organization. In 2006 they worked with Grey Bruce youth to develop a forum theatre play about dating violence called 'Far From the Heart'. Since then, the play has toured 6 times across 2 provinces, been translated and produced in French, and been adapted into an award-winning interactive film. The program combines classroom activities, the play itself, audience interventions, and follow up discussions and activities to help students explore the complex issues around healthy relationships and sexual assault.

Regional Trainers will prepare the groundwork for local activities. Sheatre is looking for Regional Trainers to connect with and recruit community facilitators, train them, help to facilitate discussions at performances within their region, and encourage community action afterwards. They will have a background in issues related to gendered violence, experience facilitating group discussions, and be both comfortable with and sensitive while discussing dating violence with teens. This part-time, temporary, paid position will require training in August, part-time coordination through August and September, and direct involvement when the play is in the trainer's region during the October 11th to November 10th tour.

'Far From the Heart' tells the story of boys and girls navigating social pressures, relationships, and a big party. The main character Felicity is first tormented by her controlling boyfriend, and then raped by the guy who seemed to want to help her. After the drama is over, the audience spends an hour suggesting alternative actions and interventions to prevent the violence.

Shifting teen perspectives on dating violence takes ongoing work and following each performance classes continue the discussion with facilitators who work in violence prevention, education, and counseling agencies right in their communities.

In 2016, 'Far From the Heart' is touring through Grey and Bruce Counties, the Kawarthas, Durham Region, Orillia, Markham, Niagara, and north Huron. Sheatre is looking for Regional Trainers in each of these regions.

Regional Trainers will work closely with Sheatre's newest addition: Education and Tour Coordinator, Jon Farmer. Jon joined the company in May and brings an educational background in masculinities studies and professional experience with art for change coordination through Violence Prevention Grey Bruce's Into the Open series. Persons interested in working as Regional Trainers should send resumes and letters of interest to Jon at [email protected] and visit for more information about the production. Applications should be sent no later than July 10th.
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