symphb-fullThis season the Georgian Bay Symphony launched an innovative subscription campaigned offering 50% of the regular price for new subscribers. In a typical year the Symphony signs up 30 new subscribers, just enough to replace the lost of long time subscribers. The number of subscribers has remained steady at just over 350 for the last few years. So far this year the Symphony has signed up over 120 new subscribers.

sympha-fullThis season the GBS is in a major transition as they seek a new Music Director to replace John Barnum who is retiring after 22 years. The first four concerts, of the five concert series, will each feature one of the four guest conductor short listed for the position. The concerts will in fact be a life public audition. The final concert of the 43rd season is a Farewell to John Barnum featuring some of his favourite music and guests such as pianist Kati Gleiser.

symphc-full"With such an exciting year we wanted to pack the house" says GBS Business Manager David Adair. "The Symphony has been looking for an innovative and engaging way to increase overall subscription numbers. Many small budget orchestras in United States have been very successful with this approach." "Even if you will miss one or two concerts it is a very affordable way to try out the Symphony"
"We are overwhelmed by the response so far" says Jake Doherty GBS Board member responsible for marketing. "David and I hoped to double our new subscribers to 60. When we hit 90 we really know we were on to something. Hitting over 120 is profoundly encouraging and we are grateful for the response."

The ½ price offer will continue until the first concert of the season on October 18th "Spanish Flair"



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