sculpture-fullGrey Roots Museum & Archives, in partnership with local businesses and Georgian College, announces the installation of the Grey Roots Logo Sculpture. The sculpture, located in front of the facility, was raised this week and marks the 10th anniversary of Grey Roots.

The Grey Roots Logo Sculpture is a 20-foot steel and concrete structure featuring the five coloured bars of the Grey Roots logo. The Grey Roots logo integrates many concepts of the interpretative plan and symbolizes the stories of the strength of the people of Grey County and their interaction with the elements.

The design is based on the image of a sheaf of grain, encompassing five strands: Agriculture and farmlands represented by both the shape of the logo and by the colour yellow; Our abundant forests represented by the colour green; The escarpment and minerals represented by the colour grey; Our rivers, lakes and waterfalls represented by the colour blue; and most importantly, The heart of our logo is red, to represent the people of Grey. One strand from each of these five key themes is integrated into the logo design. These symbols allow us to tell the many stories of Grey County - people in the past, present and future.

The Logo Sculpture completes the entryway to the main facility with a beautiful art installation that is both colourful and representative of Grey County's natural features and historical significance.

In-kind donations of time, skills and materials from community partners have been essential throughout the project. One significant donor to the Logo Sculpture project, architect Grant Diemert, provided the concept and architectural plans. Grant Diemert has worked on several other projects with Grey Roots, most notably the architecture of the Grey Roots facility. Other in-kind donors to date include: Georgian College, Breukelman Design Inc., Allen Hastings Ltd., E.C. King Contracting, Harold Sutherland Construction Ltd., Custom Soda Prep & Paint, Benedict Electrical Contracting Ltd., Kubes Steel Inc., Elma Steel & Equipment Ltd., Ideal Supply, and Grant Nicolson Design.

Grey Roots continues to seek partnerships and donations from the community to assist in a enhancing the Logo Sculpture. Future additions to the Sculpture would include lighting and a topographical map of Grey County with a water feature.

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Source - Grey Roots Museum & Archives



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