sweet alibiOn October 10, Western Canadian Music Award Winners, Sweet Alibi, will be in Owen Sound to play The Heartwood Music Hall to celebrate their new single "Confetti."

Their inspiration for “Confetti” (their first official single since 2016) came from a myriad of places that intersected to make one catchy and bittersweet tale. "Years ago while driving with a friend we were listening to CBC radio, and between songs, Rich Terfry amusingly read a headline. It was about an Austrian woman who cut up her 1.1 million life savings just before she passed away. A collection of shredded money was found strewn across her bed in her retirement home. I turned to my friend and said, “it would be like confetti made of money,” says Jess Rae Ayre.  “Three years later, my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer - in the last three months of her life, a lot of my family started acting appallingly greedy and she was pretty disappointed with the silliness of everyone’s behaviour. It took me back to the story of the woman from Austria and sympathized with how she was likely fed up with how her offspring put money before family.”

Hailing from the geographical centre of the continent (aka Winnipeg), Sweet Alibi has wowed audiences and critics alike with their unparalleled harmonies and down home roots infused soul.  With three albums already under their belts, coupled with their captivating live shows, the ladies (Jess Ayre Rae, Amber Rose, and Michelle Anderson) have continually changed the game with their artistic craft.  The CBC’s Tom Power has even described them like this, “If Mumford and Sons and the Supremes had a love child, it would be named Sweet Alibi.”  And Coolibri GERMANY stated that the band “definitely belongs in the category of best Canadian folk-pop artists”

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