Hello Friends of the Meaford Theatre Company,

We had our opening night last night for the terrific play "Hockey Mom/ Hockey Dad. It was a barn-burner as promised. Everyone left the hall raving about the quality of the script, the acting, and the set (simple as it is). All in all, a very well received show.

We went to pick up the remaining tickets from sales at Stuff to Read in Meaford only to discover they had sold out. Unfortunately, word on the street was that we were sold out entirely (which would be wonderful). In reality, we hold back a large block of tickets for every performance to be sold at the door of Woodford Hall and these are still available (along with additional emergency seating that we can accommodate if we have an overflow crowd).

I ask you to send this message out to all your friends/contacts, inviting them to come out tonight or tomorrow or if that is not suitable, we pack up and move to the Marsh Street Centre for next Thursday/Friday and Saturday nights.

I hope to see you all out to this really great show. Thanks for all your support in so many ways. Don't forget to forward this message if you would be so kind.

Kim Ransom
Meaford Theatre Company
Woodford Community Hall







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