TOM-show-fullThe TOM invites you to join us at the opening three new shows on Sunday, January 18 from 2pm-4pm.

Admission by donation; all are welcome.

Our 2015 Exhibitions are supported by the Owen Sound Transportation Company.

These exhibitions run until March 15, 2015.

James Sebesta: Persona

Curated by Heather Hughes

Persona is a thirty year retrospective highlighting selected works from James Sebesta's artistic practice. For many years now, James Sebesta's artistic practice has revolved around his experience as a local artist, teacher, father and mental health advocate. Persona explores a large range of themes and imagery including still life, abstraction, personal and public works associated with mental illness and disability that relate to perceptual psychology.

Community Curators Select VII

One of our annual favourites, Community Curators features work from our Permanent Collection selected by members of the public. Each "curator" also addresses what it is about the work that intrigues him/her. Works on view range from historic to contemporary and represent a vast range of mediums, techniques and subject matter. This is a great opportunity to get a sense of the diversity of works that we have here at the TOM.

The Art of Bertha M. Ingle

Curated by Robert Alton

Bertha M. Ingle was an historical Ontario artist with strong roots in Owen Sound. A sampling of her oil paintings will soon be exhibited here, in Owen Sound, for the first time in over 100 years. Prolific as an artist over six decades till her death in 1962, she is best known for her landscapes, often executed en plein air, and her portraits. In parallel, two of Ingle's most fascinating portraits will be on display at the Roxy Theatre. Possibly dating from her Owen Sound days, the full-length portraits appear to depict two characters in theatrical costume. Although their identification is far from certain, they could be the heroine and hero from Byron's epic poem The Bride of Abydos.



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