woodsTo the Mayor and Members of Owen Sound City Council,

My name is Bruce Stanners, I am a family physician in Owen Sound and I am also an avid walker. In my medical practice and personal life, I have come to appreciate the benefits of this simple activity that can improve a person’s physical and mental well-being. I believe that as we plan for our community’s future, we ought to continue promoting our natural features

timbermcarthurDear Mayor Boddy & City Councillors:

I am writing this letter in response to the request before Council regarding the potential sale of a ‘small piece of parkland’ on the north side of 23rd Street East.

As a citizen of Owen Sound. . .

owen sound city transit fullOn May 25, City Council approved transit fares to be reinstated effective June 15, 2020. The City waived transit fares on March 18 as a safety measure at the beginning of COVID-19.

Points of interest due to reinstatement of fares...

parklandsaleTo the Mayor of Owen Sound, Deputy Mayor, Councillors, and City Manager:
Regarding: Potential Land Sale – Stoney Orchard & Timber McArthur Parks

As a 30 year resident of Owen Sound currently living within 500m of this public parkland, I do not believe my concerns and opinions should carry more weight than any other resident. . .




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