santasnowbusA blizzard warning has been issued for our geographic area for Friday, Dec. 23, into Saturday, Dec. 24.

Due to the potential weather moving into the area GOST will operate the morning run on Friday, departing from Owen Sound at 7:30 a.m. and departing from Guelph at 10:40 a.m., but the afternoon run (normally departing at 2:30 p.m.) is cancelled. At this time, Owen Sound Transit will continue to operate ...

Lara WiddifieldThe City of Owen Sound is delighted to announce that Ms. Lara Widdifield is joining the City of Owen Sound as Director of Public Works and Engineering.

A comprehensive, Canadian-wide recruitment process was undertaken in October of 2022 to identify interested and qualified candidates for the permanent Director of Public Works position ...

HarrisonPark TrailWinter leadinRecreational trails at Harrison Park are maintained by the city year-round, providing seasonal access to three kilometres of looped trails through the historical park ...


TCEnergyOScouncil - by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

TC Energy is looking for the support of local municipalities as their proposed pumped storage facility prepares for the next phases of the environmental impact assessment process. This was the purpose of a deputation to Owen Sound city council last night by Clark Littke, senior community representative for TC Energy,

The pitch from TC Energy has changed considerably from that first standing room only ...


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