streetsignDated at Chambers this 13th day of September, 1909:

BY-LAW NUMBER 1368 – A By-Law to change the names of all of the Streets in the Town of Owen Sound and to provide for the re-numbering of Houses and Buildings thereon.

Whereas in the manner in which the Streets in the Town of Owen Sound are named is confusing to newcomers and strangers in said Town ...

AlphaSteet 03Mar23 leadinAlpha Street reconstruction – including a potential uphill passing lane – is at the environmental assessment stage and the City of Owen Sound would like to know what you think of their plans ...

carolmerton400I approach this recommendation brought forward by staff with both reservations and expectations.

I want to acknowledge the hard work that staff has done to bring forward a decrease in the operating budget. I recognize that any increase in taxes creates a challenge and a potential tipping point to the security, affordability and sustainability for certain sectors of our community. 

Looking forward, my expectations for the next three budget cycles in this term are ...

brockhamleycouncilIn the past, I've been one of the biggest critics of our budgets.

We have had one of the highest tax rates in Ontario, and our household incomes are among the lowest. We have asked our residents to pay too much, when they often don’t make enough.

Having said all of this, I believe that this year's budget is a turning point. ...

ianboddyIan Boddy, Mayor of Owen Sound, delivered theese remarks on the City's 2023 budget with the lowest tax increase in 12 years:

The goal of every municipal government is to provide the best services and infrastructure for its residents that the community can afford. The foundation for providing good services is building a strong tax base. To have and maintain a strong tax base, assessment grownth needs to meet or exceed annual inflation ...


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