By Michael Den Tandt

Former Owen Sound mayor and current mayoral candidate Ruth Lovell Stanners, who is seeking to regain the city's top political job after having narrowly lost it in the last election to incumbent Deborah Haswell, is calling foul over a new directive from City Hall requiring that any candidates' questions to city staff be routed through the city manager, and shared with other candidates.

stanners-featureOwen Sound: Ruth Lovell Stanners announced her intent to register and run for the position of Mayor of Owen Sound in October's municipal election. Having served previously as Mayor for two terms, she cited her relentless passion and commitment to the City as motivating factors in deciding to stand for election again.

"Over the past four years I have continued to stay active in making Owen Sound a better place to live, building on the same principles I brought to my role as Mayor," said Lovell Stanners. "I have always acted according to the belief that we are a better community when we work respectfully with each other and are responsive to our changing needs. I am running for Mayor because Owen Sound has my attention and I think together we need do better, and we need do more."


By Michael Den Tandt

A public art project to beautify parts of Owen Sound's downtown with original painted murals - launched successfully last summer - has hit a snag, due to a disagreement between organizers and the city.


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