payanddisplay- Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Deputy Mayor Brian O'Leary is bringing the motion below to Monday night's City Council meeting. If passed, City staff will prepare a report on the implementation of a system to collect parking fees from non-residents at four or more of our major parks and facilities to reduce the cost of their upkeep for City taxpayers.

We have begun hearing from residents ...

owen sound transit buildingNo transit (conventional or mobility) service on Monday September 6, 2021. 

As Labour Day falls on Monday September 6, 2021, the City ...

climategoestocityhallAn abbreviated version of this text was read into the record at last night’s council meeting by Councillor John Tamming

It will surprise no one to hear that I like mavericks, gadflies, contrarians and those who advocate the devil’s point of view. I like those who pester us with questions, who don’t take no for an answer and who generally make a pain out of themselves. Such persons grease the skids of our democracy.

olearycouncilDeputy Mayor Brian O'Leary made a notice of motion at tonight's City Council meeting about paid parking at City parks. Citing the 160,000 vehicles entering Harrison Park in 2020, and the $5 million needed for infrastructure at City parks and facilities, O'Leary said that these costs should not be borne by local taxpayers alone if the City is to be fiscally responsible.


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