tammingatpodium– by John Tamming

Government cannot do it all. That includes, perhaps especially includes, local government. Yet local citizens call upon this small chamber, what I call our little parliament, to do more and more for them.

In his oft-quoted essay, The Loose Individual, Robert Nisbet describes modern men and women as untied by those ropes which once held our communities together.

Those ropes have largely dissolved. ...

CitySnow PlowOwen Sound’s Public Works Division began seasonal Winter Control Operations earlier this week. Winter Control is based on a 24-hour per day, 7-day per week shift throughout the winter months.

The City would like to remind residents and visitors of the following Winter Season guidelines:

pipesgreenDue to a major water main break at the intersection of 10th Street East and 11th Avenue East, 10th Street East has been closed to through traffic from 9th Avenue to 16th Avenue East. The water main break caused extensive damage to the road surface that requires restoration.

On Tuesday, November 8th additional water system repairs and asphalt resurfacing will be undertaken ...

safensoundbikeSafe ‘n Sound is a non-profit organization founded in 2007, that provides support for homeless people in partnership with community services, and public education and advocacy for homelessness prevention.

On September 30th, City staff received a request from Safe 'n Sound through Grey County to aid in offsetting the direct financial cost of keeping its space on 8th Street East in downtown Owen Sound open for extended hours through the winter season.


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