pipesVarious Industrial, Commercial, and Multi-Unit Residential facilities in the City of Owen Sound will shortly be visited by staff from BSI International, to undertake inspections of facility plumbing as part of the information gathering stage for the City's Backflow Prevention Program.

BSI technicians are undertaking these inspections on behalf of the...

signinfield- Hub staff

In the 1920s, Allan G. Odell came up with the idea of putting six red and white signs 100 feet apart on a Minnesota highway to boost the sales of his father's shaving cream.  The Burma Shave signs became an iconic ad campaign that lasted almost 40 years. Look it up if you have no idea what I'm talking about.

Over the years, signs of all kinds have popped up for information, education and just to try to make a buck. They have been constrained by civic rules for the sake of aesthetics, waste, and safety. In Owen Sound there are...

fingers- Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

At the most recent Owen Sound Operations Committee, the discussion of untamed garbage had fingers pointing in every direction, including at the City itself.
Councillor Brian O'Leary insisted "We're enablers. We let it happen. We need to put the hammer down."
A written complaint by the Downtown Improvement Area (DIA) of discarded furniture on downtown ...

roadclosed*** The Eddie Sargent Parkway is now open in both directions.***

Due to the ongoing repair of the trunk watermain, the southbound lanes of the Eddie Sargent Parkway will remain closed over the weekend until approximately the middle of next week.

The detour will remain in effect to re-route southbound traffic around the location to avoid....




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