marion cfgb-Marion Koepke

First and foremost, the one thing I am most proud of that has been achieved by the 2014- 2018 Councillors for the City of Owen Sound is the development of a great working team. Each member of Council has their say and each member is respected for their opinion. However, all projects are approached as a "team".

This Council is conscientious of the priority of items and the budget to make the best decisions for our taxpayers. This Council has been successful in...

Brian-OLeary-full-Brian O'Leary

The first two years of the term has been a learning experience, however, I suppose I'll always be able to say that. I don't think you ever stop learning, but for me, learning the process was important. One of the obvious things I've learned about myself is how much I care about the city. I feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from Jim McManaman Peter Lemon and Arlene Wright's experience, and even more fortunate they are the type of people to share their experiences. One of my goals as a councillor is...

dodd-full- Travis Dodd

It is amazing how fast these past two years have gone by. I guess the old saying "time flies when you are having fun" is quite accurate. Being a new Councillor there was a lot to learn from procedural bylaws to the background information on important on-going issues. It has always felt like there is something more I can be reading into to completely understand the issues at hand. During my election campaign I was...

greig-full-Scott Grieg

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the first two years. As always they progress by quickly.
I will provide some direct comment on achievements and goals and try to avoid anything which could be construed as postering for re-election if I were to choose to run again which I don't think would be appropriate or fair.
I believe that Owen Sound has a great number of resources. The challenge is....




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