OS-logo-featThe final Owen Sound Service Review 2016 Council meeting will occur on Tuesday, September 20, at 9:00 AM.

This meeting will allow Council to receive final reports on certain topics they asked...

doorknockerIt has come to the City's attention that a private company has been going door-to-door offering to sell or rent water treatment equipment.

These individuals are NOT City of Owen Sound employees.

Homeowners are reminded they are not obligated to...

phrag-featThe Kelso Beach pond is scheduled to be cleaned next week (between September 12 to 16).

An invasion of phragmites has clogged the pond and will require the excavation of much of the soil accompanying...

dufferintreesA number of trees have been cut on the periphery of the Dufferin School grounds on 3rd Avenue West and 11th Street West. A risk assessment was completed due to the age of the trees and because some are showing signs of failure. As a result, a contractor is cutting down four trees that belong to the Bluewater District School Board.

The City of Owen Sound confirmed which trees around the property belong to the school board and which to the city. It was determined that....




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