firehydrantThe City of Owen Sound will be performing annual flushing on its approximately 673 fire hydrants between now and September. 

Flushing fire hydrants each year ensures they are operational and improves water quality. While flushing is happening, residents may experience...

asphalt 6630193 640To complete road rehabilitation and paving, 8th Street East will be closed to through traffic from 8th Avenue East to 9th Avenue East between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. tomorrow, Friday, May 5, 2023. 

10th Street East or 6th Street East  are suggested as alternate routes during daytime hours to avoid the closure. ...

sk8silhouetteIn 2011, the City worked with a Landscape Architect to prepare a Master Plan for Victoria Park.

The plan called for a new concrete skate park and bowl at the Park. 

In 2011, the price of that was estimated at nearly $600,000.  Around this time, the City was also constructing ...

Swan at Harrison ParkCity of Owen Sound staff discovered one of the domestic swans housed in Harrison Park had died on Wednesday, April 26.

The City is working to have testing completed to confirm the cause of death.  This swan was 17 years of age and is suspected to have died of natural causes.  Its mate had apprently died some years ago. ...

grandstanddemolition- Hub staff

When you see the portapotty arrive, you know the project is starting.

It has been more than 10 months since the Unsafe order went up on the grandstand at Victoria Park.

It was addressed to both the Owen Sound Agricultural Society who own the structure, and the City of Owen Sound who lease them the property on which it stands, and it gave them until June 22, 2022, to “obtain a current report by a Professional Engineer licensed in the Province of Ontario on condition and viability of the structure” ...


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