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City Council is reviewing the potential sale, at the request of local developer, of a 1.3 acre portion of Stoney Orchard and Timber McArthur Parks. The area that is being considered for sale is located on the north side of 23rd Street East, west of École catholique Saint-Dominque-Savio. (map below)


Residents within 500 metres of this area were mailed a survey in late spring asking them to provide information on how the park is currently used. Others were encouraged to complete the survey as well which was available until June 12. After expressing their concern that there was no question in the survey asking their opinion about the sale, manyresidents and groups also sent letters to the mayor and council. According to several councillors, they have received more input on this than on any other issue this term.

City staff has prepared a follow-up report which will be presented to City Council on Monday, October 19, regarding:

Condition of the park;
Assessment of parkland supply;
Summary of survey results and other feedback; and
Next steps.

According to the 2018 Parks, Recreation and Facilities Master Plan, page 53, the remaining steps in the process are: 4. Hold public meeting with surrounding residents and stakeholders to discuss. 5.Based on public feedback and usage data, present options to committee/Council for consideration. 6.Develop an action plan. 7.Hold public meeting to discuss process and action plan. and 8.Present final plan to Committee/Council for approval. 9.Comply with City bylaw regarding disposition of land.

Staff continue to note that the maintained trail that connects from 21st Street East north to 28th Street East would not be removed, but there is no mention in the media release of the informal paths and wildlife tracks through the park.

A copy of the staff report will be available on the City’s website on Thursday, October 15.

Individuals who wish to ask a question in the public question period of Council meetings must send them to the City Clerk by noon Monday. Covid restrictions mean the question will be read by the Clerk and an answer given by staff or council members.  The Clerk also receives correspondence to be brought to the attention of council.  All Council meetings are broadcast on Rogers, and streamed live, free, on their website. The video of the meeting will be on the City's YouTube channel on Tuesday, as well as on the Rogers website.





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