harrison park trailThe City maintains 3.2km of looped trails at Harrison Park in the winter to provide accessible opportunities for the enjoyment of the outdoors. Seasonal maintenance occurs as conditions dictate to ensure trails included in the winter maintenance program remain continuously available.

Maintained trails include:
· Harrison Park Freedom Trail;
· Harrison Park Island Trails;
· Harrison Park Mile Drive;
· Harrison Park Campground roads maintained as trails throughout winter;
· Harrison Park Pool Entrance and Exit Roads maintained as trails in the winter; and
· Nine Bends Trail.

Trail users seeking maintained trails are encouraged to utilize trails within Harrison Park. Trail users seeking a more natural experience, or opportunities for cross country skiing and snowshoeing are encouraged to utilize trails throughout the local trail network when conditions allow.

Trail users are encouraged to be prepared to encounter winter conditions on any trail as conditions change between maintenance intervals.

source: media release, City of Owen Sound


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