snow pilesThe City of Owen Sound prides itself on providing a high level of service during Winter Control that meets or exceeds the provincial minimum maintenance standards. The minimum maintenance standards require that roads and sidewalks be plowed and either salted or sanded, within specific timelines, depending on the road class. Severe winter weather conditions may create situations where the city cannot meet those standards; in these situations, the city can, as per provincial regulations, declare a Significant Weather Event to advise the public.

Due to the severity of the current weather conditions and the impact on the city’s road and sidewalk infrastructure, the City of Owen Sound has declared a Significant Weather Event that will remain in effect until further notice.

Only essential travel is advised. Travel on municipal roads and sidewalks maintained by the City of Owen Sound require extra caution during a declared Significant Weather Event. All municipal streets and sidewalks are in a “state of repair” until an end to the significant weather event is announced.

Please use caution and allow yourself extra time to reach your destination.

The declaration of a significant weather event is not a notice of a reduced level of service or a road closure. Public Works staff work 24/7 on three shifts throughout winter control to ensure public safety.

The average annual snowfall in Owen Sound is 330.4 cm (130.1 inches); the most in Ontario. 

If you would like further information regarding the City of Owen Sound’s Winter Maintenance program. For further information on current and forecasted weather conditions, please visit the Environment Canada, the Weather Network or if you require community and social services assistance call 211.

For the safety of everyone, the City of Owen Sound would also like to remind the community not to push snow from their driveways onto the road. 

source: media release, City of Owen Sound


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