spring cleaningAfter almost six months of winter control and snow removal, spring has officially sprung and that means the City of Owen Sound’s Public Works Department have begun spring clean-up operations. Given the spring like weather we experienced in March, staff were able to begin clean up earlier than normal.

Street Sweeping and Flushing
The 2021 Sweeping Program began on March 30 and includes:
§ All City-owned paved roads, including bridges, catch basins and gutters.
§ Hard-surfaced boulevards and medians.
§ Sidewalks and pathways plowed by the City during the winter.
§ Municipal parking lots and other City facilities.
§ County roadways within City limits.

This work prevents materials from clogging the storm sewers, as well as provides a safe and clean driving surface. This work also improves environmental impacts, vehicle and pedestrian safety, and community aesthetics.

Currently the City has one street sweeper that maintains the entire City but beginning the second week of May, a secondary sweeper will be arriving to help speed up sweeping operations. On occasion you may see the Street Flusher assisting sweeping operations for dust control.

Sand and debris will continue to be swept from City roads well into summer and early fall to keep streets and storm sewers clean.

Ongoing maintenance will include the downtown sidewalks being power washed twice a year along with the regular litter pick up that has been continuous since March 1.

Residents are asked to help by:
§ Keeping vehicles off residential streets to avoid blocking street sweeping operations.
§ Placing garbage containers and recycling boxes away from the road on collection days.
§ Keeping basketball and hockey nets off the road and far enough back from the curb.
§ Be patient. While street sweeping is taking place, know that street sweeping operations will generate dust and create noise.

Boulevard Restoration
Staff will be beginning to repair lawns and boulevards that were damaged by snow removal crews this winter. You may see staff applying topsoil and seed along your property to repair the damages caused by City snow removal equipment.

source: media release, City of Owen Sound


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