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A report from City Manager Tim Simmonds at the September 27th council meeting concluded with a recommendation to declare the Owen Sound Billy Bishop Regional Airport surplus to the needs of the municipality.  The report included three specific highlights:

- Declaring the airport lands surplus will not disrupt the current operation(s) of the airport including but not limited to ORNGE Air Ambulance for healthcare related needs. 

- Maintaining airport operations is a guiding principle in the sale of the asset. Staff will seek a qualified buyer who demonstrates that they have experience with airport operations and the ability to continue operating the airport.

- Ongoing media and social media has resulted in Staff responding to inquires from prospective purchasers of the airport.

The report also contained the following public comments, focussing primarily on tourism, economic development, military and medical flights.

Councillor Carol Merton raised  the recent announcement from the Municipality of Georgian Bluffs to declare the Wiarton-Keppel Airport surplus and the impact the two sales might have on meeting future needs of the region. 

In a recorded vote, the recommendation to declare the airport surplus was passed, with Councillors Merton and Koeopke opposed.





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