City By-Law complaints can be made by phone, email, or on-line form. Some advice:

"I am emailing to inform you that our office received your complaint form. Please be advised that as per our by-law enforcement policy:

9. Unless an Officer deems a complaint to be an immediate threat to health or safety, the Officer shall not respond to complaints which:
b. are overly general
d. are publicly posted or published but not sent directly to the City, including an opinion or editorial, website or posting on social media;

e. lack sufficient detail to begin an investigation

Please be advised that our office will address this complaint. However, moving forward our office will not address complaints that do not detail what the concern is. Our office appreciates pictures as they do assist our investigation however they lack sufficient detail and are overly general. As per our policy we would not investigate these complaints. Please ensure you are providing sufficient detail and written complaint to our office when there are concerns to be addressed.


Madison McNeill
By-law Enforcement Officer
City of Owen Sound



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