On Monday, May 16 a small amount of diesel fuel from an unknown source was spilled in a parking lot at Harrison Park. City staff and Owen Sound Fire deployed spill response materials in the parking area and across the adjacent channelized watercourse on the west side of the Island section of Harrison Park.

Staff notified the Ontario Spills Action Centre immediately and are working in partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change to carry out water and soil testing and to support City staff in the cleanup effort.

A contractor licensed by the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks has been engaged by the City and is actively working with staff on cleanup efforts.

The Parking area north and east of the Harrison Park inn, and access to the Ski Hill Parking area at Harrison Park remain closed to vehicles.

Residents and visitors are asked to stay clear of the area until such time as the barricades are removed, and to respect road closed signs placed in Harrison Park while cleanup efforts are ongoing.

There may be intervals of time where there appears to be little or no activity at the incident location as monitoring periods occur. Staff are working to re-open all of Harrison Park as soon as possible. There is no timeline for re-opening at this time.

If you cause or discover a spill, it must be reported to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Immediately.

source: media release, City of Owen Sound


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