A notice posted on the west end of the building under the Victoria Park grandstand, signed by Kevin Linthorne, Owen Sound's chief building official, grandstandspectatorsreads in part:

Inspection June 13, 2022 found the following contraventions of the Building Code or the Building Code Act:

You are hereby ordered to correct the contraventions itemized below immediately or by June 22, 2022.

1. Structural deficiencies throughout entire building and grandstand structure.
-obtain a current report by a Professional Engineer licensed in the Province of Ontario on condition and viability of the structure.
2. Grandstands are not to be occupied and every effort shall be made to prevent entry to the grandstands until structure repairs can be completed.

Unsafe order pursuant to subsection 15.9.(1) of the building code act 1992.
Order issued to 1. Owen Sound Agricultural Society Board of Directors and 2. City of Owen Sound.

grandstandAreas of specific concern
1. the grandstand wall under the flat roof portion is buckling creating an unsafe condition
2. the buckling of the wall has detached the guards from the structure
3. the detaching of the guards is allowing water to penetrate the structure accelerating the deterioration
4. the area of the flat roof appears to have shifted causing the seating area to shift
5. large holes in the deckboards/seating boards
6. fencing that was being used as guards is incomplete and missing
7. guards do not meet the requirements under the OBC for climb ability, structural soundness,
spacing, materials, etc.
8. stairs do not meet the requirements of the OBC
9. numerous holes in the building allowing for water, pests and vermin to enter the structure
10. steel roof on north side is deteriorated and separating

The order also noted that a GM Blue Plan report dated June, 2020 listed other issues to be addressed, including that the roof structure was at the end of its useful service life, interior timber columns were badly rotted and standing water had accelerated the rot,  and steel columns were visibly corroded at the roofline and base.

In May of that same year, the Council approved a 10 year lease for the property to the Owen Sound Agricultural Society for $708.81 for 2020 with an annual increase as per the Consumer Price Index (not to exceed 3 percent). Maintenance and repair costs for the buildings and grandstand, which belong to the Agricultural Society, were to be borne by the Ag Society according to the agreement (starting at p. 77) The agreement was to be reviewed annually, and at the end of the lease, the structures are to be removed.

The City staff report describes the non-profit organization as providing “an important part of what makes Owen Sound a destination for family-friendly events in the region” and goes on to say that the Agricultural Society is a respectful user of the Park and has worked positively within
 the City to be a good steward of this public space.”

The Victoria Park Master Plan, prepared by Benj Art Inc. Landscape Architects & Contractors in 2011, discusses the grandstand on page 7, describing it as "in need of repair and visually unappealling" and proposing "a new smaller Grandstand of approx. 1000 seats be built closer to the sports field" as well as additional portable bleachers.




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