The City of Owen Sound recently established the Canada 150th & Owen Sound 160th Celebration Ad Hoc Committee to develop, promote, and implement Owen Sound's community celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Canada – "Strong, Proud, Free" and the 160th Anniversary of Owen Sound. The celebration will also include other notable anniversaries including the 50th Anniversary of the Tom Thomson Art Gallery and 100th Anniversary of Billy Bishop and Tommy Holmes being awarded the Victoria Cross.

The City of Owen Sound is seeking:

1. Two volunteers to serve on the Ad Hoc Committee.

City Council invites persons wishing to serve as a member of this Committee to submit an application to the Deputy Clerk.

2. Potential community groups and organizations who would be interested in partnering with the Ad Hoc Committee through co-operation, branding and cross promotion of various events planned for 2017.

Potential community partners are requested to submit their interest in writing including the event planned for 2017. A meeting would then be held with partners at a later date.

Application forms and potential partner interest are requested by September 15.

The application form and description of the Ad Hoc Committee are available on the City's website at





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